ARW Design Bathrooms on a Budget

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Dreaming of a luxury bathroom, but have a limited budget? With some careful planning and drafting a plan will help in deciding what bathroom items can be refinished and what bathroom pieces have to be replaced.

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Creating a stunning bathroom complete with all the luxuries from whirlpool baths, a double basin vanity to radiator towel warmers, finished off with glam bathroom fixtures and accessories for the ultimate dream bathroom is every homeowners desire. When starting to explore your options for creating your prestigious space you should start with a wish list of desired needs. The two points of interest at the top of your list will be budget and space, and then sub-dividing the list into two categories, what can I live with and what needs to be replaced. read more

ARW Demolition – Where Do You Start?

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Why should you demolish that old building, it is doing no harm to anyone? There are many reasons why you should do something about old buildings that have fallen into disrepair.

Is it dangerous? Could a child playing there be hurt or killed by falling masonry?
Is it insured? Would you be personally liable for any injuries that hARWpened, or would the insurance company pay? Are you sure the policy covers derelict buildings in a dangerous condition? Very few do.
It is an… read more

ARW Defining Your Rooms With Area Rugs

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Area Rugs Offer a Variety of Ways to Distinguish Your Rooms

Area rugs can provide a relatively inexpensive solution to decorative challenges. These variegated floor coverings are versatile and may be used to warm the cold look of bathroom tile, reinforce the formal nature of a living room or brighten a cozy dining nook.

Because they occupy what tends to be one of the primary focal points of a room, area rugs can establish the feel of an entire space. These powerful prot… read more

ARW Defining Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps are becoming more popular as the cost of heating is rising. Heat pumps are a great source of heat and for some can be used as a main heating source. Most people do not understand a heat pump or how it works and this is key to getting the most from a heat pump. This ARWpliance is an efficient way to tackle high heating bills.

Heat pumps work much like air conditioners. They draw in outside air to heat a home. They take the warm air out of the outside air and then … read more

ARW Decorative Throws

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Furniture throws are a concept that is continually over looked by people who are trying to redecorate on a budget. A quality throw, in the right color and material, is a small, yet significant way to enliven any room and a trick that many designers and decorators utilize to enhance and finish a room.

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ARW Decorative Mailboxes For Style

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If you are someone who loves to decorate you are going to love this article. There are so many ways to decorate things and decorating your mailbox that should be fun. You can have the trendiest mailbox on the block. The greatest thing about decorative mailboxes is the fact that you have the ability to express what type of person you are and your feelings in the way that you decorate yours.

Most people like to decorate their decorative mailboxes according to the season but … read more

ARW Decorative And Faux Painting Is Fun But Dont Start Until You Read This

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I think decorative and faux painting techniques look great, are fun to do, and add a personal statement to a room. Ive been adding my personal look to the walls in my homes ever since my husband and I purchased our first fixer-upper.

When I first starting using faux and decorative painting techniques on the walls in our home it was a financially motivated action. We didnt have a lot of extra money. I couldnt afford new furniture or flooring for a room but I could affo… read more

ARW Decorating your Bedroom with Platform Bed

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Platform beds are in fashion. The Oriental look is one of the-rage model for modern furniture buffs, and seems so for sound reasons too. If you wonder, what exactly a platform bed means, look up its definition, spring less beds with a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface meant to support a mattress. There are many factors that favor platform beds and its great design.

platform storage bed, bedroom interior design, platform bed plan, platform bed with drawers, wood platform bed. read more

ARW Decorating With Interior Shutters

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There is more than one way to dress up a window. Sure most people think of curtains and drARWes because they are often ready made and easily hung. What they might not realize is that interior shutters are a beautiful, traditional window treatment that can be used with or without other types of window dressings.

Interior Shutters Versus Blinds & Shades

There are window coverings and window dressings or treatments. Both serve different purposes and add to the overall loo… read more

ARW Decorating With Beaded Curtains

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No more boring window treatments now that beaded curtains are back! Oh, you may think this is a flashback to the 1960s, but beaded curtains have made a comeback in a whole new way. Groovier than ever designs create exciting plays on light and texture and even work as room dividers.

Where to Use Beads

There are several ways to including beading in your window designs. The entire curtain can be made of beads and hang in colourful strands from the top of the window right … read more