• The FIC is a complete registry service including, registration of individual dogs,
    registration of litters, certified pedigrees, sanctioned shows and matches, and
    conformation championships. Working titles (obedience, tracking, good citizenship,
    agility, dog sport, temperament test, etc.) are awarded and may be earned at all
    FIC shows and all shows sanctioned by the FIC
  • The FIC offers the latest in computer technology while maintaining a close
    personal relationship with our clients. The FIC realizes the needs of individuals
    and groups differ. The flexibility of the FIC enables it to meet the needs of
    everyone without compromising the integrity of the organization. 
  • The FIC is one of the fastest growing registries worldwide. It is based on over
    forty years of experience in registering dogs. The founders are not only
    experienced business people, but are long time breeders as well. Our staff is trained
    to help our clients solve the many various problems associated with owning and
    breeding dogs. The FIC offers free information on dog breeds and breeders. 
  • The FIC offers special registration programs for breeds which are still in the
    developmental stage. 
  • The FIC‘s goal is to work with breeders and owners, not against them, providing
    registration services that they can depend on. All paperwork is handled promptly. 
  • Multiple dog registration discounts are available.